Bright Color And Cheap Large Paintings Make A Fresh Effect For The Home

Sometimes not only the bright color can make a fresh effect for the home,but the light gray and cheap large paintings white color tone can also make the home show a different effect.The designer builds a layered look in the space with simple colors,and the whole room is presented in light grey,which perfectly explains a gray space aesthetic.

No matter be from the choose Contemporary Canvas Art color of sofa in the sitting room or the match color of the curtain lets a pure and fresh quietly elegant feeling in this space.

The dining area is located on the side of the living room,while the open kitchen facing the dining area makes this area even more spacious.The living room TV wall uses abstract art paintings for wall decoration,while the lower part of the TV set uses a simple laminate as a storage platform.

Light gray cloth surface sofa,the adornment picture of contracted on setting wall lets this area give a person to feel very comfortable,with a chandelier and a round mirror to emphasize the regional tension.

The table made of marble and wood splicing also gives a fresh feeling.The large bunch of green plants placed on the table complements the landscape paintings on the wall,forming a natural style.

Although the kitchen area is not large,the light gray overall cabinet adds a lot to the kitchen.

Make use of metope space to make the bedroom background wall that can be used for house advocate to receive small thing,can put on a few adornment or it is a bookshelf to place a few books to also be good in daily life!

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