Children room princess room — decoration and design principle of children room princess room

Every girl has a princess dream, so want to dress up his room very dreamy and warmth, so if you as a parent, do you have any idea in the mind of children room princess room, understand the idea of the child’s heart, in decorating a process, whether to also want to give children to create a dream princess room,Great Big Canvas  children room we take a look at the design principle of children room princess room.

Children’s room princess room – introduction
Children room is the bedroom of the child, living room and game space, should add the composition that is helpful for the child to observe, think, game.
In terms of children’s bedroom decoration, attention should be paid to the selection of some creative and education meaning multi-functional products.

Children room princess room – design principle
Children bedroom furniture should be placed stable and solid, glass and other fragile items should be placed in children can not reach the place,Big Canvas Art near the ground power socket should be hidden well, to prevent electric shock.

The colour of children bedroom should be rich and colorful, lively and fresh, concise and lively, have the artistic conception of type of fairy tale, let children learn life freely in his little world.
Furniture wants little and essence, reasonable and clever ground USES interior space.
It’s best to be multi-functional, modular.
Furniture should rely on wall as far as possible put, in order to enlarge mobile space.
Desk should be arranged in the place with enough light, bed should leave window.
Commonly used toys and books are best placed on open shelves.
The height of furniture should suit children, colour is anacreontic and gorgeous.
Indoor if place a few green leaf flowers, hang some on the wall the picture that accords with child interest and hobby and hang, can be more helpful for the body and mind health of children.

Daylighting: the light is like the area is bigger more important to children room, daylighting is very important.
The room had better be to face the sun, if be shady room, the illume degree of the room must be higher than adult bedroom, the lamps and lanterns light of desk wants downy, even, sufficient illume can make the room is warmer, also can let a child have safe feeling.

Tonal: first selection is pure and bright-coloured the style of color wall had better unite harmony with furniture style.
For example, the child that likes astronomical knowledge decorates a room that has space feeling, do not choose the furniture that warm color moves so, be like yellow or cream-colored wait, the room had better choose pure and bright-coloured color to make give priority to tonal.

Top face: modelling condole supports when decorating a housetop like the star sky commonly,Large Canvas Art Sale can do a modelling condole top according to the characteristic of the child innocent and lively.
For example, make a sky roof with a wooden ceiling decorated with stars and moon.

Above is some design principles of children room princess room, if you want to give the child a dream room, might as well when decorating a reference to the above standard, the above is only a simple reference opinions, of course, the specific of children room decorate plan might as well communication and communication, more and children round the child room of a children room princess dream in my heart

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