The Relation between the Representation Ways of Oil Painting Artistic Image

In the artistic language expression of oil painting, modelling, like actors in movies or dramas, is an irreplaceable element. While expressing the plot and ideological content of the story, it fully embodies the director’s artistic style and pursuit. Actors also realize their own value and artistic expression. In Large Abstract Paintings, whether realistic or decorative, the linguistic value of the shape itself directly reflects the artist’s pursuit and thinking concept, but also most vividly presents the artist’s personality and artistic vocabulary.


The expression style of painting can leave a strong impression on the viewer, and even on the art of Large Abstract Canvas Art, people’s deepest understanding and memory is the artistic style and expression style of different schools in each period. This can also be understood as people often say: “Not to see what to draw, the key is to see how to draw.

Three ways of expression of Black and White Abstract Canvas art language.

Oil painting as a plastic Large Modern Wall Art, its artistic language is inevitable to be visual, intuitive and image, lines, shade, color and brush strokes themselves are its main artistic language. [1] At present, the visual image of oil painting generally includes three ways of expression: figurative, imagery and abstract. From a historical point of view, the way of figurative oil painting modelling emerged after the Renaissance. The intervention of scientific techniques, perspective, anatomy, color and so on, all contributed to the realism of figurative oil painting, reaching an unprecedented level. Representational Large Handmade Abstract Painting pays most attention to the “sense of reality” of life, and its performance of the authenticity of the object is amazing. With the change of thinking mode and aesthetic complex, impressionism began to abandon the grasp of vivid image, turn to the expression of light, pay attention to the unique understanding of the painter’s heart, which has the traces of image oil painting. But “Image Oil Painting” is a Chinese cultural proposition, and the concept of “Image Oil Painting” has never been put forward by Western art circles. Image is more prominent in the image expression of traditional Chinese painting. The object of description is neither realistic nor abstract. It often takes image as carrier and uses natural image to convey aesthetic sentiment. The abstract form has been perfected in the painting of the twentieth century. The abstract oil painting can be understood as abandoning the characteristics and characteristics of the objective specific image, or as abandoning the image characteristics of the objective image, and then pursuing and expressing a visual “feeling” of the non-specific image, so that people can have rich associations. The abstract form uses various techniques to produce texture, and uses segmentation and aggregation to achieve specific artistic effects on visual perception.

The visual effect of oil painting can not be separated from the image processing, and from the concrete, image or abstract artistic expression. No matter which of the three forms is adopted, the painter emphasizes the uniqueness and individuality of his own language and form, and the way of image expression is also an important means and medium for conveying ideas and expressing feelings.

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