Felling the father’s love by abstract painting canvas

Felling the father’s love by abstract painting canvas
A father and three children sat in the living room of an old house in the alley. The atmosphere looked a little different. Listen carefully to their conversation so that you can see what’s going on.
It turned out that father had an oil abstract painting canvas many years ago, and now, when he is old, he wants to share it with his children early. But the large abstract painting canvas was just one, and my father wondered who he was going to give it to. Father recalled, the older son just lost his job, he is no place to live, his life is a little hard. And the second son can also be regarded as a way of living. As for the third son, his life is very good, he is also particularly concerned about themselves. Neutralized the above views, his father felt that the oil abstract painting canvas or to the older son, it can only help him in this way.

Extra Large Paintings, Large Canvas Art for Living Room, Abstract Art Paintings, Yelloe,Green,Blue,White
Extra Large Paintings, Large Canvas Art for Living Room, Abstract Art Paintings, Yelloe,Green,Blue,White

So, in the end, the older son got the abstract painting canvas. older sons also have no opinion, after all, the oil abstract painting canvas is the father’s, all the way of his own. The older son with his father’s oil abstract painting canvas, listened to his father’s words, and sold it to the well-known shop, and found that the oversized abstract painting canvas was also of particular value. When he thought of his age, and by his father, his old man’s connection, he was unable to let his father down, to take the money, and to let his father be disappointed, in return for his father’s love for his father.
Time passed quickly, a year passed, the original older son also through his own efforts, lead a good life. He got a good job and a considerable income. That day, the older son came to the original sale of oil abstract painting canvas in the store, he wanted to redeem the abstract painting canvas back, return to his father. But he also worried that the abstract painting canvas may have been sold to others. When he entered the shop and saw the abstract painting canvas hanging on the wall, his eyes were wet. After the older son and the shopkeeper showed that he came from, the store said that the reason for not selling the Large Contemporary Canvas Art, because he was so fond of him, he kept his own collection, since then, this has also become the store’s not for sale. the older son was so excited!
After the older son’s repeated supplication, the store was deeply moved by the boss, and finally agreed to the boss’s redemption request. The old man, with his oil abstract painting canvas, went to see his father and handed it back to his father’s hand, and when his father saw it, he said, “”I only hope you’ve done well, this abstract painting canvas, since it’s for your father, that’s yours. In the future, you must keep in mind. If you make good efforts, you can live well.

Large Modern Abstract Oil Painting Canvas Wall Art
Large Modern Abstract Oil Painting Canvas Wall Art

“OK, dad, I know, this abstract black white painting canvas, I will hang at home in order to remind myself, “replied the boss. “At this time, the father showed a happy smile, feeling that the son is really growing up, the old son knew that the father’s smile only in front of the children will be revealed. So, maybe a abstract painting canvas shows your father’s love!

Large Handmade Black White Flowers Acrylic MinimaIlist Painting
Large Handmade Black White Flowers Acrylic MinimaIlist Painting

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